• Killer Condom

    OK this is a European Film and a B Grade cinematography type film . . the storyline is original and hilarius . . very very funny indeed - ok so you have to wait a while in between for a bit to come up but do give this film a chance - something really funny to brighten up a dull rainy day for certain - especially when you have Men who've had their manhoods loped off and are all waiting in the hospital to have them reattached and no one wants to admit to owning the smaller privates' lined up alongside the largest one available for reattachment ( thank goodness for DNA testing ), but well worth watching and hoping one day such a creature could exist to prevent unfaithfullness !

  • Creature From The Black Lagoon

    Classis old time Vintage Horror movie for fans of these era movies as well, I loved this old classic and have a small collection, well worth watching again and seeing the difference in today's society and what we can do in achieving visual effects in this day and age - well done a movie for watching on a rainy day

  • DragonHeart

    I love the story line and era of this wonderful film, I cried in parts of the movie - well worth watching for fans of Sean Connery and this type era of movie of knights and dragons

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    I loved this movie as a Child and still do - this movie is a time classic and simple yet magnificent portrayal of Captain Nemo & the Nautilus - Will watch over and again with my children in the not too distant future one day.

  • Big Fish

    Not a bad fantasy type movie, I probably will eventually like this movie it was just the watching of the first time that I didn't quite understand it or where it was heading that made me dislike it initially, but overall a good movie

  • Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe

    Magnificent and beautifully portaryed version of this classic and famous tale that any child will love, I cried when Aslan died in this version, well done will love to watch this movie over and again

  • The Blue Lagoon

    Magnificent And timeless tale of a single boy and girl shipwrecked on an island and growing up, not having all the answers to growing up and not undertstanding what puberty is all about or love and procreation, a magificent and classic tale that should be in retrospect shown as a sex education video, in that whilst is is erotic in story, it is beautifully potrayed to not be ponographic or offensive and it shows love and sex between man and woman to be a natural and beautiful thing and not something taken for granted or to be expected or to be dirty and disgusting or religious based - well done and Brooke Shields what a true and natural beauty

  • Ever After: A Cinderella Story

    A True Cinderella Classic, I throughly enjoyed this version without the magical hype and fairy Godmothers Tale, and just dessert of the Stepmother and Stepsister and Will Buy my own copy of this forever classic, - Well done and magnificent acting all around

  • George of the Jungle

    Hilarius Movie or Spoof Type Version to Tarzan, that any kid and adult young at heart will love for years to come

  • Gone With the Wind

    A True Classic in every sense, it is such a pity that the alleged sequel " Scarlet " was not as equally or beautifully played. - Will love watching this movie over and again.

  • Chicago

    Fantastic movie - I have never seen the broadway play version of this and it looked fantastic in the previews at the cinema, but I missed it at the cinema and it took me over a couple of years to finally see it on Foxtel, and to LOVE this movie, a True classic with style, my type of musical for years to come.

  • The Golden Child

    Excellent Eddie Murphy Movie, I loved this movie and found it extremely Hilarius, although most of the light hearted comedy can easily be missed, will love watching this over and again

  • The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

    I enjoy these old type movies with mythical creatures and the like, and recommend it for anyone who likes movies with these storyline in this time and era, good for a rainy day when nothing else is on.

  • Pride And Prejudice

    I loved every aspect of this period drama, the actors, the way they acted out their characters - even better than the ABC version series but liked that version as well, this however is soooo much better in every aspect and each and every time I watch I begin to daydream - I only wish that there was a sequel to it - even though it doesn't need it - I just wish that there was and that this story would never end

  • Pride And Prejudice

    I loved every aspect of this period drama, the actors, the way they acted out their characters - even better than the ABC version series but liked that version as well, this however is soooo much better in every aspect and each and every time I watch I begin to daydream - I only wish that there was a sequel to it - even though it doesn't need it - I just wish that there was and that this story would never end

  • The Ghost

    Overall a reasonable movie to watch - Will need to watch it again to fully understand it - but interesting and predicatable

  • The Emerald Forest

    Not a bad movie, if not a a little far fetched with a young boy being carried off by a Amazonian Tribe that has not yet been uncovered and then discovered by the determined Father to find his stolen son and all that jazz- I saw this at School and enjoyed it then. - Good for watching on a rainy day when nothing else is on.

  • Charlie's Angels

    Infantely more action than the series, but nevertheless a good movie that I don't mind watching over and again on the odd occassion when there is nothing else to watch - Still prefer the original series though which I had grown up watching.

  • The Forsyte Saga - Series 1

    Excellent cast and story line set in the early 20's - I will also be watching this drama and it's sequels over and again for years to come - well recommended for those who like period drama's

  • Wives and Daughters - Disc 2

    This drama set in and around the time of Jane Austen is another true work of art for those of you who love Jane Austen and other writers of the time or later. Although this is not the work of Jane Austen but another writer whom I have not heard of and am now inclined to read her other works if this is anything to go by - this drama will be another permanent firm favourite of mine that I will enjoy watching over and again any day of the week

  • Wives and Daughters - Disc 1

    This drama set in and around the time of Jane Austen is another true work of art for those of you who love Jane Austen and other writers of the time or later. Although this is not the work of Jane Austen but another writer whom I have not heard of and am now inclined to read her other works if this is anything to go by - this drama will be another permanent firm favourite of mine that I will enjoy watching over and again any day of the week

  • Sleeping Beauty (Special Features)

    Interesting way to watch how they constructed this story and designed the movement of the characters - but what else can one really say about a bonus disc - unless you are really into bonus discs, overall not a bad little disc and interesting to watch how this classic tale all came together to form an absoluted Walt Disney masterpiece

  • Spy Kids

    Excellent and funny kids and overall family movie, the part that toally kills me is when he ( the father - Antonia Banderas ) looks out the window and screams with pure horror and his hair is standing up as well, " It's Your Mother ", a truly funny line. I will enjoy watching this movie with my own children one day. well recommended

  • The Mummy

    I thought this movie was just fantastic and funny, original, humerous with JUST the right action and humour in all the right places ! - Well done overall, amovie I will continue to watch over and again

  • Jason and the Argonauts

    I'm a fan of Greek Mythology and enjoyed this made for television telemovie, I think the next stage with any of these retelling of Greek Mythology movies is to make them all together so they all fit into the picture and scheme of things to really make people understand the whole real mythology and story of things rather than separate movies - made the same way the current Lord of The Rings trilogy was made and released - to finally complete the whole thing and make it a true masterpiece.

  • The Mummy Returns

    I enjoyed the sequel to the first movie, but thought there was something very slightly JUST missing from the overall storyline in this movie, but other than that - a throughly enjoyable movie

  • Dick Tracy

    Not a bad movie to pass the time with, I like the story line and whole outlay of the film, and think it was well done and made well for fans of the comic book hero - I'm not a D Tracy Comic fan, but enjoyed this movie

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    I enjoyed this movie when it came out in the cinemas, and saw it several times, at the time, a fun movie for the whole family to watch and enjoy.

  • Spy Kids 2 - Island of Lost Dreams

    Excellent sequel to the original, I enjoyed this as well and recommend it as a movie for the whole family to watch and enjoy.

  • Van Helsing

    I loved this movie, but then again I love MOST horror movies with Werewolves and Vampires and the like, but not really into those movie with Psycho killers, they do nothing for me !, but fanciful and whimsical movie like this are just fantastic and a lot of fun to watch, these type movies give me the type of Scare thrill I like which is still enough to give me nightmares when I go to sleep at night. - well recommended

  • Twister

    This movie threw me when I went to see it at the cinemas, I was expecting a same old disaster movie, myself having survived Cyclone Tracey in Darwin Christmas 1974, but totally not expecting this exciting, funny, and thrilling adventure. - Will love watching this movie over and again and recommend it !

  • Titanic

    This is a movie that will never be forgotton, original and educational - this is one true masterpiece that is truly haunting and that will never forget the tragedgy of this ship and all who died ! - I will always watch this movie over and again for years and generations to come, I don't think anyone else years from now could ever top this sheer brilliance of the movie. - well recommended

  • The Mummy

    I love all these old classic film with Bela Legusi etc, I can't really say more other than to have appreciation for what could be achieved in those days of early horror films and being limited in what could be done with censorship at the time and era this film was made, regardless of what the younger generation thinks of these old time movies, I love them and think they are tru classics of their time ! - well done for having survived the time and age to be restored and put on video.

  • Troy

    I didn't enjoy this movie even though I eagerly anticipated it coming out in movies, I like the scenes and costumes, but what I didn't like about it was the butchery of the storyline and characters, since I'm a Greek Mythology buff and know the full story it was easy for me to follow and know what was SUPPOSED to happen, but it was him killing characters who DIDN'T die according to the legend and cutting out key essential characters from the tru lengend and myth that ruined this movie for me and that of all the other Greek Mythology historians who like me were expecting a true masterpiece in it's long awaited portrayal, the ONLY true character played in this film was that of Brad Pitt's Achilles and WHAT A BODY !!!!!!

  • The Time Machine

    This movie really got me thinking about the future . . . and all the possibilities of what could become, I mean he was jumping into the future, and the future changes all the time with all our actions and events. so even if he returned back in time and then tried again to go into the future, there would be no guarantee that he could or or would be able to return to that scene and those events. - I loved the orginal of this movie and never forgot the original movie and this was an even better remake of that classic.

  • Spider-Man

    Excellent remake of the original film and a better story line, although I wish there had of been some more action with the green goblin and his evil deeds, as I personally felt it left the movie a little short - if it wasn't for September 11, we may even have had that extra scene that was deleted out of respect for the victims of September 11 where Spiderman weaved a giant web between the two towers and caught the helicopter in his web the Green Goblin attempted to destroy. Maybe one day in the not too distant future, when it doesn't hurt so much to be reminded of September 11, they may add that scene back in like they have in the past with older movies where they add new scenes and footage never before seen - ??

  • The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

    Excelent acting and casting, I still don't understand the ending - even though my brother has explained it to me and will definately need and would love to rewatch this movie over and again - an ALl time classic that will never ever truly die and last through the ages - I don't believe anything could ever top this adaptation in years to come - Well done all in the making of this movie.

  • The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

    I had to watch this movie a few times to get the jist of the story line and then with each sequel released had to watch it again to understand - I never read the books and I probably should so I can fully understand it, but I beside all that I loved every aspect of the movies, the costumes, the scenery, the story, the characters and couldn't fault it - Peter Jackson really extended himself by bring to life the characters to life and I think the author if he were alive today would be quite proud of the outcome - can't fault the movie in any way - a real classic that will last through the ages.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    I have watched this movie over and over and enjoy it and the music but sometimes I still get lost or confused with the story line - but that's me personally - When the movie was first released in cinemas it was a flop and it took a few years for it to be resureccted and released as an all time classic - I mostly watch this movie for that famous " Time Warp " Dance and Scene. - excellent casting and music composition

  • The Sixth Sense

    Brialliant movie, Brilliant acting - excellent ending that totally blew me away - I had to rewatch the movie over and over to figure out and understand the ending that still blows me away - excellent portrayed - Plus a totally unrecognisable former Band member New Kid on The Block - Donnie Wahlberg as the disgruntled patient who kills the good doctor Bruce Willis. - A movie that will always be rewatched over and over. - Well recomended to those who like thrillers with a twist at the end

  • Amadeus

    Classic Tragic Biography of Wolfgang Mozart -What I found most disgusting in this is his ending where they reuse a coffin and buried this famous composer in a mas grave with others. - No dignity or respect - however and overall I enjoyed this movie and at times got a little lost, in the length of the stroyline but enjoyed it nevertheless - For people like myself who enjoy Period Type Costumes - I totally recommend it

  • Blazing Saddles

    Hysterical western spoof, where they even Hang the horses for the crime of the criminal - and where the slaves turn the tables on their captors and make them look like idiots while laying down the railroad - I love watching this movie over and over - they should remake it to give it a update - so it doesn't look so dated, but overall a very funny and enjoyable movie - I don't think there is one person who hasn't heard or seen this movie before.

  • Helen of Troy

    Excellent story line - Classical Acting - I loved this movie when I watched it years ago as a child regarding Greek Mythology and the story behind the wooden horse and troy - prefer the more recent version of Helen Of troy which has a little more depth to it - but overall I enjoyed this movie.

  • The Mask of Zorro

    Excellent movie, fiery, exciting, romantic, - I can't really add more to this movie - such a shame though that the Original Zorro Sir Anthony Hopkins was in Jail for such a LONG period of time and wished that he had made several escapes during his time in Prison - but made for a good story line to resurrect the legend in dashing Antonio Banderas. Well done

  • The Devil's Own

    Excellent casting and very good story line - Will watch it again over and over - will recommend it anyone who enjoys a thriller type impact type movie Well done

  • Deep Impact

    Love these disaster movies - but diaspointed that it is ALWAYS the Americans that have these problems and always find the miracle solution to save the whole world and we should be grateful for them for saving the whole world - This movie and Armageddon is one of those movies that I had to resee to check some facts I saw on that documentory about " Did Man Ever Walk on the Moon " - And it is that basis of what he mentioned in it that I had to recheck this movie to discover what he was referring to - I hope other people have worked out that point of reference as well and re watch this movie too for that factual piece of evidence to help them make up their minds regarding that documentory as well. Otherwise a very good movie to watch.

  • Sleeping Beauty

    My favourite cartoon out of all the Walt Disney Classics - I watch this movie at leastonce a fortnight and can almost say the whole dialogue of the movie from memory - I even like this adaptation that ghey took in SLIGHTLY changing the ending where she didn't end up sleeping for 100 years waking and possibly having a Mel Gibson in Forever Young where she wakes and suddelny and instantly ages after such a long sleep - but also the line would not have made sense as if she had been asleep for the full 100 years then she wouldn't not have been in love with her prince to have broken the spell - whereas in this version she has fallen in love with her true love and dreams only of him to wake her with that first magical kiss to break Malificent's Evil spell - well recommended for the whole family

  • The Forsyte Saga - Series 1

    A interesting tale in the early 20's and 30's era on the Forsyte Family saga - I enjoyed this mini series movie, the era the costumes, the story line - It was a bit hard to work out the exact fued in the family that divided them throughout the whole show and I used to litterally wait till the next airing on television one week later to find out exactly what happened in this drama. Excellent casting and portrayal - well done - recommend to anyone who like turn of the century type dramas or Jane Austen Novels / Movies etc

  • Spaceballs

    Typical Mel Brroks Humour in all in it's glory. I loved this movie and still watch it over and again and still manage to get the laughs out of it - My siblings and I even on occassion say things to each other in reference to what the characters said and did in this movie - Love the princess not being able to live without her Hairdryer in the dessert and then wanting room service as well as her stepping out from the spaceship and she gets shot at by the guards at the door who of course manage to miss her and end up shooting through her hair and she turns and says " You Shot my hair ! " - grabs a Machine gun - the first she's ever used in her life and is a perfect shot and wipes the lots of them out - WHAT a hoot !!! - Well recommended for people of all ages

  • The Forsyte Saga - Series 2

    I loved the final story line, I jsut hope that Fluer doesn't repeat the mistake that occured with Joh's mother Irenie and that she falls in love with her husband - I loved this Saga and wished it went for longer than the 4 episodes - well worth watching - from the first series to the final in the second series

  • The Forsyte Saga - Series 2

    I loved this saga, but then again I love all type historical drama's - so I would recommend this for anyone who is a fan of either Jane Austen or Historical Drama's - I only wished it lasted a little bit longer instead of cramming the whole series into 4 episodes.

  • The Cassandra Crossing

    I have seen this movie over and over again, and still love it, - Each time I see it I appreciate it even more as I first saw it when I was young and didn't remember much of the story other than the train coming off the bridge and trying to stop it and save the people on the train - Now that I'm older and wiser and have also read the book - I enjoy it more than ever - it has some references to Greek Mythology for which I'm a bit of an expert on, but the name of the movie also added a missing chunk to my research in Greek Mythology that is NOT widely known ! - I think they should remake this movie now that special effects in this day and age are better equipped.

  • The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers

    Brilliant all round, I haven't read the books yets, so was lost in following bits of the story, but cannot fault it, I have to read the books to understand it all, but regardless of the book, I think this is a fantastic adaptation that will be unforgetable and unconquerable

  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Fun and fantastic adventure type movie - recoginsed a few of the charaters backgrounds and for the reasons they were recruited, but there were two I couldn't place and wouldn't mind looking into the legend of . . . . ( Sean Connery's Character and the Immortals' Character ) - Know about Captain Nemo and the Nautilus, Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde, Mina - Jonathan Harker's Wife from Dracula, The Invisible Man, - I enjoyed this movie but would have loved to have know the other two charaters background - well done in speacil effects overall, but not too sure about the nautilus navigating in and around the Under World sea bed of Venice in such a HUGE ship . . . .

  • Karaoke-Country Truck Driving Songs

    Not bad choice of songs, PIty I can't sing as well as I do alongside original singers - I don't know if country driving songs are the correct title for this Disc, but overall, an enjoyable colection

  • Jumanji

    Fantastic Family Movie, Has an important message to a certain degree, is a lot of fun to watch over and over again, I throughly enjoyed this whimsical fanatsy tale, and would recommend it to anyone - Very Original

  • Helen of Troy

    I loved this version of the movie, - it comes reasonbly close to what really happened in the Illiad, and being a true Greek Mythology Fan and Buff found where they had made the changes, and far enjoyed this version to that of the newer Hollywood version which I found offending to the real legend Of Troy and the Illiad - The movie was a little long and drawn out, but they did go into a lot more detail as to why Helen Left her Husband so they by making a long and drawn out film are trying to make it easier to understand for those who are not so familar with the Story of Troy & what happened in the illiad without going head first into the Trojan War & battle and end and really leaving viewers with a forgettable experience - I throughly enjoyed this movie bar the alterations or interpretations but would reccommend it to anyone who like a bit of fantasy etc

  • Plots with a View (Undertaking Betty)

    I found this movie hilarius, it's such a pity that it did not do so well at the movies - it was fully advertised on the radio - but when the actual date it was to commence in cinemas, I found that ONLY 1 or cinemas out of the whole cinema range that there are to attend did not ask to have this film shown - The movie does start off a little slowly as it builds it's foundations to get to the hilarius parts. - I think the reason why this film failed was that the name did not really appeal to many - and admitedly the title did nothing to entice me watch it, it was only through being offered at FREE movie pass to see it PRIOR to it's release date that I found that I THROUGHLY enjoyed it - the scene where he dresses up a poor 80 year old as Doctor Spocks ( Star Treck ), sister for her funeral was an absolute scream and the stunned land horrified look on her widowed husband's face was just priceless !! - FULL POINTS ALL ROUND