• The Adventures of Merlin - Series 4

    Ridicuous to supply the "special features" DVD in the boxset. Disappointed the kids to find that the disc arrived but there was no episodes to watch. Will be accepting a refund on this one.

  • The Men Who Stare At Goats

    A movie with this many starts just has to be good, right? ....Wrong!

  • Shutter Island

    I had forgotten I had read the book. Five minutes in, I remembered. Very well done. Brought the book to life and was absolutely true to the story. Well worth a watch.

  • GI Joe - The Rise of Cobra

    How good could this have been...but wasn't. Some excellent effects but all the CGI in the world can't replace dialogue, acting ability and storyline. I don't think anyone said more than a 1 liner in the whole movie. They probably did but I forgot 2 minutes afterwards. Weak at best. Extra star for the effects.

  • Avatar

    Wow. Imagine if Lukas had let these guys make the latest 3 Star Wars. Technology story line (not a common combination these days) = master piece

  • Where the Wild Things Are

    I turned this off. Its way to dark and disturbing for my kids age (8 and under).

  • JCVD

    Totally unlike you haver ever seen him before. Not sure if he was acting or playing himself in this one. Leaves all ego behind in a very close to the bone story about an actor whose best years are gone, leaving him to question his life.

  • 2012

    Some incredible effects but you absolutely have to leave your brain in the other room before you sit down and watch this as it is SOOOOOO far fetched - unless of course the characters are the fastest runners, best drivers and best pilots in the world.

  • The Ugly Truth

    Not bad. Nothing new here but it will certainly make you laugh.

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    I have to say I was a little disappointed with this movie. I liked the first but this one, like the first, had a bit too much of the corny comedy to lighten it up. Also a bit of a shame that the leading 'lady' has had so much work done that she looks more like a porn star than a late teen / early twenties movie star. I think her career will go the way of Denise Richards - for the same reasons. Worth a watch though. Great effects. Excellent hand to hand fighting by the transformers and some greats for those of us who remember the original cartoon.

  • Terminator - Salvation

    I was so worried about this movie. Been a big fan from the beginning and some of the movies went astray. This was the big chance to right all the wrongs and it does it. Great movie. Does justice to the first and second. Well worth watching if you're a fan.

  • Star Trek

    I heard that this was a Star Trek movie for people who have never seen or even hate Star Trek movies and/or the serieses (is that a word?). Lives up to that reputation because I loved this.

  • The Butterfly Effect 2

    Worth watching but no where near the original one.

  • Ben 10 - Classic Pop Up Edition - Vol 2

    The pop up bits drove my kids nuts.

  • X-Men Origins - Wolverine

    Perhaps I was expecting / hoping for too much but I was a little disappointed. Still a good movie, if you're a fan but I can't help but think it could have been better.

  • The Butterfly Effect

    What a great movie. Totally original concept, unexpectedly good acting from Ashton, well worth a watch but be warned, no warm and fuzzy moments anywhere here.

  • 88 Minutes

    One man a movie doth not make. You'd expect a movie with Al in it to rock right? Yeah well not if you blow your budget on him and then hire a bunch of very ordinary actors around him. It's an ok movie but not as good as you'd hope.

  • Wallace and Gromit - A Matter of Loaf and Death

    Always very clever but disappointed that this is just 1 x 30 min show on this DVD

  • Watchmen

    Clearly the writer and director were having a chemically enhanced day when they put this together. Unfortunately if you're not, then like me you'll wonder why you didn't put something else in your list.

  • Dude, Where's the Party?

    Do yourself a favour and do not get fooled...this movie has no relationship to Dude Where's My Car. Unless you're indian or right into indian culture, I am sure you will turn this off before it finishes - like I did.

  • Stuck

    You've never seen Mena Suvari like this (and probably not seen so much of her). It's an exciting yet painful story about how self centred we can be in the modern world. Worth a watch.

  • Gran Torino

    An Eastwood classic. Old skool Clint is back. Hard as nails on the outside with a soft center. This is a great story with excellent dialogue about tough old Clint's growing relationships with a family needing the help of an old renegade.

  • Valkyrie

    Every now and then Tom Cruise pulls one out of the hat. I am an anti-fan but liked this movie. Nail-biting!

  • The Wrestler

    Believe the hype. This is a great drama, even for those who are not (or never have been) fans of wrestling. Rourke is excellent being tough, sensitive, funny and at some times embarrising (intentionally). He is not afraid to show how the years have affected his body. He plays this part so well. If this had have been released in any other year, this would have been an Oscar for him. It also aint so bad for Marissa Tomei fans!

  • Futurama - Bender's Game

    If you're a big fan of Futurama, Dungeon's and Dragons or Lord of the Rings, you'll enjoy this. It's good fun but really just a long episode.

  • Death Race

    I went into this with little expectation and was pleasantly surprised. A bit of fun. Reminds me of Escape from New York and movies of that era.

  • Suicide Killers

    Wow this is a insight into the strange and twisted minds of some of the of the people we have the pleasure of sharing the planet with. Well worth a watch.

  • Max Payne

    Mark delivers another dud. This is becoming a habit. But then again there's not much hope for a movie made based on the story line of a video game is there?

  • Meet Dave

    Its been a long time since Hollywood put out a good, funny family movie that wasn't animated (probably nothing since the 80s in fact). I got this for myself but then sat down and watched it again with my young kids the following day. Well worth a watch - particularly if you have kids.

  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Wasnt a bad movie but its such a shame it wasnt made 10 years ago. Harrison is certainly showing his age. The story line was a bit of a leap from the traditional ones so it ends up more X-Files than Indie.

  • The A-Team - Season 1

    This is gold for anyone who is a fan of the old show. Its a must watch for a bit more of the background. Kids still love guys being thrown into summersaults from explosions and cars flipping over or jumping through the air. I was expecting the acting to be terrible but its much better than I remembered. Check it out.

  • You Don't Mess With The Zohan

    This movie is a good laugh. Some of the best parts were in the previews but there certainly are a few more gems in there. Well worth a watch. Some of Sandlers best recent work.

  • Dragonlance: Dragons of the Autumn Twilight

    For the fans this is pretty true to the story lines. I was a little troubled watching it with my young boys though. There is a mention of rape and the fight scenes are pretty graphic. Perhaps it should be with watched with 10 years plus.

  • What Happens in Vegas

    This is a predictable but very fun movie. Aston and Cameron must have had loads of fun making it and it shows. It's well worth a watch.

  • The Happening

    I have a shocking habit of hiring movies without reading the reviews. Do yourself a favour and read these. This movie is not worth watching. Mark Wahrburg has proven he can't perform without being surrounded by a team of good actors to carry him. The story line makes little sense and is a poor cousin to so many similar storylines of late. Keep looking and give this a miss.

  • There Will Be Blood

    you'll never get the couple of hours back. life is too short to be watching slow and painful movies like this.

  • 1408

    Pretty scarey, a little shocking but pretty clever. Worth a watch.

  • Cloverfield

    I got this movie with very low expectations but it really surprised me. The footage is very shaky so if you've got a weak stomach then you should give it a miss. Otherwise, check it out

  • Zodiac

    Its not a bad movie. Heaps of mumbling so you'll have to turn it up. It could have been resolved much quicker also. However if there's nothing else on, its worth a watch.

  • Babel

    Very slow storyline. It eventually gets there but its not worth the pain along the way. Some great scenery but I dont get movies to look at scenery..that's what holidays are for. I'd give this one a miss.

  • Southland Tales

    I dont know how you attract so many well know people to appear in such a hopeless movie. Dont watch this...you'll never get the 2 hrs of your life back.

  • HIDDEN Dragon's Lair

    Hmmm how time dulls the memory. This was the best game ever when I was growing up. It has aged pretty well but is no less tedious and frustration than it ever was. Using the remote control is just not like using an arcade controller. Keep your fond memories and save your time...pick something else.

  • 300

    An interesting take on a classic ancient battle. Not for the squeemish however. Lots of blood and amputations / decapitations

  • Transformers G1: Collection 1 - Season 1

    My son loved it but I must confess I enjoyed it too. Brings back memories and this DVD shows you how it all began - very enlightening. You'll love it if you like cartoons how they were the first time round (80s style not jap style)

  • Assault on Precinct 13

    A good movie. Have not seen the original but was looking forward to seeing this since it came out to the movies (and I didnt see it). Interest characters and good plot however a very predictable twist (sorry guys)

  • Ocean's Thirteen

    I was quite surprised. You never know how a sequil will go, let alone the 3rd in the series. Well worth a watch. Witty, clever and a totally unexpected plot.

  • Dungeons and Dragons 2 - The Elemental Might

    If you're a die-hard fan of D&D then you should watch this. Dont let the first movie stop you. However, if you're not then you're gonna find it a bit corny, rubbery and I'm sure you could find something better in the list to watch.

  • TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

    we liked the movies with the guys dressed up in suits better.

  • Norbit

    Its pretty much all been done before. Except some really funny bits (which you've seen if you've seen the previews or the ad for the movie when it was on at the pictures)

  • Baby Einstein - Baby Newton - Discovering Shapes

    its so refreshing to have your kids watching something that is good for them. recommend all these DVDs.

  • American Pie - Band Camp

    I knew it was going to be pretty ordinary and it lived up to my expectation. I think I laughed once.

  • Extreme Measures

    I read the book and therefore got the movie. Its different which was good because I found myself trying to guess what was next. A good book and a good (but different) movie. Hugh is not his typical soppy romantic self.

  • Spider-Man - The Venom Saga

    Great value with story after story. Kept my boy interested

  • The Illusionist

    This is a bit of a quirky movie set some time in the past in Europe. Very interesting cinematography (not that I'm a big arty movie person) and a twist at the end that I won't spoil for you. We settled on 3 stars but its more 3.5