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    Quicktips for awesome movie & TV entertainment.

    DVD & Blu-ray Catalogue

    Click the DVD & Blu-ray tab on our site and dive deep into our movie and TV catalogue. Pick which TV shows and movies you want to browse through – from new release dramas to Blu-ray world cinema. Or really take matters into your own hands by searching for directors, actors or specific movies and TV shows in the search bar.

    Add to Queue

    When you’ve found a movie or TV show that you want to watch, click the “Add to Queue” button. This puts your disc (or entire box set) of choice to the very top of your delivery Queue. Don’t hold back – add 20+ discs so we can keep your deliveries coming.

    My Queue

    You can view and edit your Queue by clicking on the “My Queue” tab at the top of our website. If a movie or TV show you really want isn't at the top of your Queue, drag and drop it to the top.

    Disc Delivery

    We’ll deliver a disc from your Queue to your mailbox for free. When you want to receive your next disc, slip your old disc into its free postage envelope and post it. Then go into your Queue and tell us you’ve returned your disc. We trust you so we’ll send your next disc before we actually receive your old disc.


    Let other members know what you think of a movie or TV show by rating it. Telling us what you like (and don't like) will also improve the recommendations you see on our site. You can rate any movie or TV show that you've watched.

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    Experience the best of Quickflix with your iPhone or iPad – download our app now. The app is great for browsing, watching trailers and return notifications on the go.

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