Lore 2012

In spring 1945, the German army collapses. As the Allied forces sweep across the Motherland, five children embark on a journey which will challenge every notion we have of family, love and friendship.
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Strong themes and infrequent violence


Australian director Cate Shortland's adaptation of the novel The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert is a sensual and complex story that explores the tribulations faced by the young in the aftermath of World War II. When their Nazi SS parents are taken into Allied custody, five siblings are left to fend for themselves. Teenaged Lore, the oldest, takes charge, and the children set out to join their grandmother in Hamburg, some 900 km away. Along the arduous journey, the children encounter a populace suffering from postwar denial and deprivation, and for the first time are exposed to the reality and consequences of their parents' actions.

Member Reviews

  • An insightful story .

  • Shows German side tragedy of WW2

  • In my mind this movie accurately displays the chaos that was immediate post Third Reich Germany. The sense of bewilderment throughout the screen play is meant to accurately portrait to the viewer the feelings of confusion, bewilderment ,and loss that was an everyday fact to all of those that lived at this time. A great film with an interesting theme.

  • Very thought provoking film.

  • If I had seen this movie on SBS, I would have switched channels after 10 minutes... it was confusing, it would start to lead to something, but suddenly stop and start something else...you had to infer a lot, with little or no assurances... Worse of all, the annoying practise of people asking questions, and getting no answers, just a stare.... The acting was good, but the movie itself doesn't rate even 1 star :(

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  • Youth group – Lore Review

    The history books are written by the winners. Cate Shortland considers what happens to the rest in her devastating World War 2 flick Lore (the long-anticipated follow-up to the AFI-scooping Somersa...

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