Lore 2012

In spring 1945, the German army collapses. As the Allied forces sweep across the Motherland, five children embark on a journey which will challenge every notion we have of family, love and friendship.


Australian director Cate Shortland's adaptation of the novel The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert is a sensual and complex story that explores the tribulations faced by the young in the aftermath of World War II. When their Nazi SS parents are taken into Allied custody, five siblings are left to fend for themselves. Teenaged Lore, the oldest, takes charge, and the children set out to join their grandmother in Hamburg, some 900 km away. Along the arduous journey, the children encounter a populace suffering from postwar denial and deprivation, and for the first time are exposed to the reality and consequences of their parents' actions.

Strong themes and infrequent violence


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  • Youth group – Lore Review

    Reviewed by Simon Miraudo

    The history books are written by the winners. Cate Shortland considers what happens to the rest in her devastating World War 2 flick Lore (the long-anticipated follow-up to the AFI-scooping Somersa...

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Member Reviews

  • Very good movie. Reflects the stories my ancestors rd me about this time and therefore both realistic and insightful. It's a human story with applications to indigenous Australia s and many others but has little Australian content. If we funded it then that's not justified other than it's excellence.

  • Now, something has to be noted about this piece. This is listed as a Screen Australia production.So, there are no Australian actors, musicians, designers, editors etc. anywhere to be found. It is a German film, in German(!) with subtitles and the subject matter has nothing at all do do with Australia. The only connection is Cate Shortland, the director and co-writer. I trilled my way through the Screen Aust Annual Report and found that there is no listing of individual productions showing profit/loss as compared wit Screen Aust. investment amount. None! So, we don't know how much WE paid for this foreign film. There is one entry go $80.000 for Prints

  • As the blurb says, it is a complex movie and quite slow. It's pretty graphic also with confronting scenes, which are necessary to give the story its impact. It is largely about denial and the affect that has on people - who never expected Hitler to be defeated.

  • Tough movie content and too slow. ECB

  • Brillant film!!!!

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