Carjacked 2011

A single mom and her child are carjacked by a bank robber.


Lorraine is a working single mum with an abusive ex-husband who even after separation continuously creates problems for her and her 8 year old son Chad. On a seemingly normal evening Lorraine makes a pit-stop at a gas station. When she returns to the car, Chad has company in the back seat! Roy is a dangerous man on the run who after robbing a bank needs Lorraine and Chad to get him to the Mexican border. Throughout the torturous drive Roy seems like he could be a normal man just someone that had no other choice but slowly and without warning he turns on a dime threatening their lives. Their edge of your seat journey forces her however unwilling to become a stronger person and fight for a better life for both her and Chad.

Violence and coarse language


Cast & Crew


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Member Reviews

  • This movie was terrible. Performances were terrible. Not sure if it could make up its mind whether it was going to be an action movie, a thriller, a romance or a drama. Didn't quite work all together. Don't waste your time.

  • Predictable and over acted

  • Boring.. Been there done that.