The Veteran 2011

A soldier returning from the war in Afghanistan uncovers a conspiracy involving the intelligence services and a gang of drug dealers.


Soldier Robert Miller (Toby Kebbell) has returned home from Afghanistan, unable to fit into society. Living on a violent council estate and finding work in undercover surveillance, he becomes obsessed with taking down a group of local gangsters who are tied to a terrorist cell, and uncovers a conspiracy leading back to the intelligence services. Miller refuses to back down, and embarks on a brutal one-man quest for justice. Full-scale urban warfare erupts, high-level secrets are exposed, and battle is joined on the streets of London.

Strong violence and coarse language


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Member Reviews

  • could not get into this movie watched 10 minutes turned off and returned

  • Despite the other reviews here, I thought it was a good film, though there was never any hope of any kind of happy ending. If you're expecting flashy gunfights, car chases, and grim one-liners as the 'good' guy takes out the baddies, you'd be better off watching Arnie. This film is close to the real life on the lower side of London society. There IS no hope.

  • Well it starts out boring and slow and doesn't improve at all. Don't waste your time.

  • Interesting movie, not quite sure what to make of it all.

  • Hated it, depressing and boring. Do not waste your time.

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