Henry's Crime 2010

Released from prison for a crime he didn't commit, an ex-con targets the same bank he was sent away for robbing.


Working the night shift as a toll collector on a lonely stretch of highway in Buffalo New York, Henry (KEANU REEVES) is a man seemingly without ambition dreams or purpose; a man sleepwalking his way through life. He gets his wakeup call early one morning when he becomes an unwitting participant in an ill-conceived bank heist. Rather than give up the names of the real culprits, Henry takes the fall and goes to jail. There he meets the irrepressible Max; a con man who's grown far too comfortable with the familiarity and security of his 'idyllic' life behind bars but one who also helps plant an idea in Henry's mind which will change his life forever: for a man to find his purpose he must first have a dream.

Coarse language and violence


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  • Keanu’s misdemeanour – Henry’s Crime Review

    Reviewed by Hilary Simmons

    I watched Henry’s Crime twice because the first time I felt sure I was missing something. The second time I knew that the story was as devoid of feeling and nuance as Keanu Reeves’ face. Harsh? Per...

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Member Reviews

  • although it was slow - it was good acting - but the ending left you imagining and guessing - not a bad film - but I probably would not recommend unless you are... are totally out of all other options. It was a little predicable.

  • Sadly worst movie I've seen in a while, love the cast, tried to stick with it, ended up having to skip some scenes, then a disappointing ending that left us going "what?"

  • Thw movie was funny and fresh but the ending was a bit hanging.

  • Extremely slow movie

  • You have to keep your heart rate pretty low just to get through the first hour but you keep faith just because of James Caan. All hail the Caan. Keanu gives another career defining performance as someone who appears to have had a personality lobotomy, which is what the character was supposed to convey. Im glad I stuck with it (not all will, Im sure). The ends a bit rushed when you consider the pace of the rest of it. For those who saw Bram Stokers Dracula will no doubt be reminded of Keanu when later in the movie he dons a fake beard and treads the theatre boards of Buffalo. Both unlikely casting.

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