13 Assassins 2011

A group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord.
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Strong violence


Set at the end of Japan's feudal era - when the sadistic excesses of Lord Matsudaira grow too extreme a group of his own deadliest samurai are enlisted to assassinate him and end his bloody reign. An elaborate plan to trap Lord Matsudaira leads to the ultimate showdown between just 13 samurai and 200 soldiers - an incredible battle sequence finale.


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Critic Reviews

  • Samurai spectacular – 13 Assassins Review

    Reviewed by Hilary Simmons

    Takashi Miike’s latest warlord period drama opens with a samurai warrior preparing to disembowel himself in a ritual act of hara-kiri. It’s significant Miike doesn’t show the knife going in – he mu...

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Member Reviews

  • Great Japanese movie. Quality effects and stunts. Great political and historical story that builds up to a long battle with multiple smaller combat scenes that add to the story. The ending is up for interpretation which I also liked. I reckon there is at least thre ways you could interpret the ending.

  • Liked it....not the best samurai movies I've seen, but watchable

  • Unfortunately this film is rendered unwatchable by the terribly incomplete and disjointed subtitles. Unless you speak Japanese or are not a fan of dialogue, give this movie a miss until they release a version with better subtitles.

  • Tops!!! Tons of chopping, burning and beheadings by samarai sword. Great story about vengeance, justice and loyalty.

  • some of the best action i;ve ever seen in a movie

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