Halloween 2 (2009) 2009

Laurie Strode struggles to come to terms with her brother Michael's deadly return to Haddonfield, Illinois; meanwhile, Michael prepares for another reunion with his sister


Laurie Strode struggles to come to terms with her brother Michael's deadly return to Haddonfield, Illinois; meanwhile, Michael prepares for another reunion with his sister



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  • Not just a remake of the sequel HALLOWEEN II, but a sequel to the remake of HALLOWEEN too. I like that it's not just a rehash of the first movie; everyone has changed. Laurie is so traumatised she turns into a female Rob Zombie. Dr Loomis died but apparently got better and went on book tour. Michael Myers grew a beard. Then there's a lot of stabbing and dream sequences. Recommended for fans of grisly horror and/or beards.

  • This 1st sequel is a slight improvement over part 1 as they were not ripping off an original classic and Zombie has his own work done here but sadly he had very little to work with this time. Micheal isnt quite dead from the 1st and has a 2nd go at Laurie. The acting has a stella cast again like the 1st but Scott reduces Laurie to either a screaming brat or worse she goes nutz and acts far worse. They reduced Loomis to a former shell of himself only caring about fame and Donald Pleasance must be spinning in his grave knowing how they trashed his character even further. The film has impressive kills and Zombie knew he didnt had a chance with this film so he made the kills way more gory and brutal then the 1st and they are his most impressive work that almost but not quite is up to Garden of love for Brutalty. The main gripes I have is the trashing of the doctors character, the endless showing of Micheals mum and a white horse that was totaly meant for arty value but means very little and the cynical and stupid ending. The film is mildly entertaining on kill factor and horror setups alone but horror and Halloween fans would do better to dust off the old collection of the older films because even they are way better then this tired rehash. Even Halloween 8 was better as even with Ryhames it held true to the series.

  • Taking a star off for an extended dream sequence. If it didn't happen I don't see why we should care. Glad to be experiencing the Halloween series if they make a third remake it might remove the sour taste I've had since the original Halloween 3.

  • i loved the first rob zombie halloween so i was hoping he could also make another good halloween, but that didnt happen. i did like stuff from this film and stuff that i hated was the stuff to do with michael mysers i hated that crap but i really liked the ending shootout and it to to long for michaels to come in and killing people and get back to laurie was an average movie at best but could have been better.

  • I rented this, knowing it wasn't going to be great - it really wasn't. The main character, Laurie, has now turned into a hardcore-goth-wannabe-"my life is so f***ed up so what's the point" and she is now unbelievably annoying and pathetic. If you hate it so much, why are you still living there? Ugh. Michael Myers has had so much lead driven into him that there is really no believable way that he would still be alive. Don't they check for vital signs before they bag up a body? Not only does he love killing everyone in this film (for really no reason at all) but now he wants to kill his little sister to 'reunite' the family. First he loves her, now he wants to kill her.. And now his mum's in on the whole thing, coming to him as a dream/hallucination/spiritual guide. The movie's story is quite ridiculous but, as usual, is full of gory deaths and annoying people who don't know when to quit and MOVE OUT OF THE TOWN THAT YOU ALMOST GOT KILLED IN LAST TIME. Or at least keep more guns/machetes/rabid starving lions in your house for protection. The end.

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