The Cake Eaters 2007

Two families are brought together by the return of one family's son -- a reunion that conjures up old ghosts and issues that must be addressed.


Award-winning actress Mary Stuart Masterson makes her feature film directorial debut with this quirky, romantic drama starring Kristen Stewart (Twilight, Adventureland) which explores the lives of two interconnected families as they confront old ghosts and discover love in the face of devastating loss. Beagle Kimbrough (Aaron Stanford) and his father, Easy (Bruce Dern), are still grieving over the recent loss of their family matriarch. Timid and introverted, Beagle never left home, instead remaining in this small town to care for his ailing mother. Out of the blue, the older Kimbrough brother Guy (Jayce Bartok) returns home after a lengthy stint in New York City pursuing his career as a musician; he is embraced by his father, but not by his brother. One day at the town flea market, Beagle meets 15-year-old Georgia Kaminski (Kristen Stewart), who has a terminal neuromuscular disease and is desperately trying to break free of her overprotective and overbearing mother. Meanwhile, Guy attempts to make amends with his ex-fiancée (Miriam Shor), but he has more than just one unfinished chapter to confront. Guy is still facing Beagle's contempt for his absence in their mother's final days. Masterson unravels the intimate secrets and tensions coursing through these relationships, ably capturing quiet nuances as the outstanding cast emotes the unspoken truths between their finely drawn characters. Award-winning and critically acclaimed, THE CAKE EATERS is intricately woven, powerfully poignant and features a knockout performance by Kristen Stewart amongst a stellar ensemble cast.

Mature themes, sexual references and coarse language.


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  • A nice movie to watch, but perhaps only if you are mature enough not to have the attention span of a gnat! This is a nuanced movie with some nice shades of grey, therefore perhaps not suitable for anyone under 40 - 50 years old, ie. not really suitable for people who haven't lived a real life yet. I wouldn't say it was a brilliant movie as you only get time for a snapshot of most of the characters, however it was a good movie with great themes. Maybe it tried to pack a few too many themes into what was really a short story. But quite enjoyable.

  • What a waste of film

  • found it not very interesting to watch

  • This movie should really be 41/2 out of 5. I didn???t know what to expect from this film as I haven???t heard much about it but it is absolutely fabulous. Kristen Stewart is unbelievable as Georgia a young girl with a progressive genetic disease with clumsy, jerky movements and speech problems. I don???t know how Kristen kept all the jerky movements up through the taping of the whole movie but she really is brilliant. Aaron Standord as Beagle did a great job of portraying a young man who has just lost his mother and has just found out that his father Bruce Dern wasn???t faithful to her. You can really see the torment in his eyes and the disbelief fo what his father has done to the memory of this mother. It???s great when Georgia and Beagle get together they both just understand each other, she's slowly dying of a debilitating disease and he is a really sensitive kind a guy who most people don???t seem to understand. I would have to say this would be about the best movie I have seen Kristen Stewart in and I thought Speak was pretty good. Well done Mary Stuart Masterson you couldn???t have picked a better movie for your directing debut. This movie as phenomenal.

  • I borrowed this to get a glimpse into Kristen's "awesome" acting and was left underwhelmed. This is a very subtle movie...I just wasn't in a subtle mood. I watched Predator after this...go Arnie!

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