Funny Girl 1968

The life of comedienne Fannie Brice, from her early days in the Jewish slums of the Lower East Side, to the height of her career with the Ziegfeld Follies, including her marriage to and eventual divorce from her first husband, Nick Arnstein.


Available only as part of the Barbra Streisand Collection. One of the most popular movie musicals ever made, Funny Girl follows the early career of stage comedienne Fanny Brice - a role that earned Barbra Streisand the 1968 Oscar for Best Actress. As the film opens, only her mother believes Fanny can make it in show business. When she gets her first break at Keeney's Music Hall, her hilarious debut as a roller-skating chorus girl gets her hired as a comedienne. A year later Fanny is working for Florenz Ziegfeld in his famous Follies and brings the house down with an outrageous and unplanned number. Fanny becomes a star, falls in love and marries Nick Arnstein (Omar Sharif), a handsome gambler whose luck doesn't hold up. The film's many memorable songs include "Don't Rain On My Parade" and the Streisand classic "People." Contains the ever popular four and a half minute overture at the beginning of the film, during which there is only a blank screen.



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  • Play It Again – Funny Girl

    Reviewed by Jess Lomas

    William Wyler’s 1968 musical comedy Funny Girl tells the age-old story of a woman’s career succeeding at the cost of her relationship. It seems ladies really can’t have it all. The film, written by...

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Member Reviews

  • Barbara Streisand is certainly entertaining and puts in a great performance. Ultimately it is a rather sad movie since, despite her talents, she really thought she was ugly and fell for the first (no good) man who said he loved her. Surprisingly, there are not that many songs and they are all in the first half. This was also interesting for having an overture and intermission music.

  • I didn't get why Barbara Streisand was such an icon and then I saw this movie. She is amazing, the songs are brilliant and the storyline is not bad (for a musical). A must for any broadway musical lover.

  • A charming little movie! Only thing I didn't like about it was the 'loser husband' she could have done better. Worth a look thought for the songs and her performance.

  • Barbra - hello gorgeous !! An oscar winning performance ! A wonderful way to spend 2 and a half hours. A legend is born !

  • Great movie, music is memorable and Streisand is fantastic

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