Spartacus 1960

Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Laurence Olivier highlight an all-star cast in this Academy Award-winning epic about a gladiator whose love for a beautiful slave inspires him to lead a violent rebellion against the decadent Roman Empire.


This presentation of the powerful film classic features an additional five minutes of footage cut from the film's original release, plus the original overture and extended soundtrack. Director Stanley Kubrick tells the tale of Spartacus (Kirk Douglas), the bold gladiator slave and Varinia (Jean Simmons), the woman who believed in his cause. Challenged by the power-hungry General Crassus (Laurence Olivier), Spartacus is forced to face his convictions and the power of Imperial Rome at its glorious height. The inspirational tru account of man's eternal struggle for freedom, Spartacus combines history with spectacle to create a moving drama of love and commitment.

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Critic Reviews

  • Play It Again – Spartacus

    Reviewed by Jess Lomas

    “I’m Spartacus!” It’s one of the greatest lines in cinema history and is spoken in a pivotal scene in Stanley Kubrick’s 1960 toga-fest Spartacus. When you talk of epic Hollywood films, few come clo...

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Member Reviews

  • A fantastic epic. Kirk Douglas is great in his role as Spartacus and it really makes you wish that these clearly phoney yet lovable old sets would still be recreated in modern films, simply for the aesthetic appeal. The ending is excellent too. Despite it's goodness, this has nothing on many of Kubrick's other films and if you aren't familiar with his work then you have something to be excited for.

  • An old fashioned epic, complete with an overture and intermission, this story of of man's inhumanity to man has a touching conclusion that promises hope for the future.

  • One of the screen's best epics. Wonderful production which couldn't be duplicated today without computers. A wonderful cast with Laughton and Ustinov as standouts. A personal favourite.

  • Great movie and an all predictable end. Yet for an oldie it was well acted and had a good storyline. Actors like Kirk Douglas (Charlton Heston, Jimmy Stewart) etc, were all in a class of their own and had the talent, as there were very little in the way of Computer Graphics in those days. They could teach the younger actors more than a thing or two. Great film well worth watching.

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