HIDDEN Arlington Road 1999

A man suspects his all-American neighbour isn't who he claims to be.


When Michael Faraday and his ten-year-old son Grant meet the Langs, a vivacious, All-American family new to their suburban Washington neighbourhood, they quickly become friends. But as the two families become closer, Michael slowly starts to have misgivings about the gregarious Langs and after a little investigation, he discovers they are definitely not who they claim to be. Why has this seemingly innocent family come to Washington? And what is really going on in the house across the street? A tense political and psychological thriller, 'Arlington Road' weaves together the thematic strands of friendship and betrayal, suspicion and deceit, and the untrustworthiness of outward appearances.

Adult themes, Low level coarse language, Medium level violence


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Member Reviews

  • I didn't like the movie. Good actors in this film though. The plot is so wrong. They have the bad guys winning and not failing. The good guy has a connection to the FBI, but fails to report important details to them. The ending is really poor.

  • this is fristrating!!I want to watch from my Macbook laptop I've intstalled silver light and I keep getting the same pop up to install silver light!!!

  • Wow! What a great movie. Kept me guessing until the end and made me question my sanity a little. - James, Feb 2015

  • WTF......Streamed the movie and all I got was a vertical picture about a foot wide, what idiot thinks this is good viewing, Directors and Producers give yourselves an uppercut

  • Cliched but watchable. The square format was a bit off-putting in this day and age.

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