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Revenge centers on a young woman who is welcomed into a community filled with people who don't know she's only there to exact revenge on those who had destroyed her family.


Revenge centers on a young woman who is welcomed into a community filled with people who don't know she's only there to exact revenge on those who had destroyed her family.

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  • 1. Pilot 41 mins
    As another summer to remember begins in the Hamptons, new arrival Emily Thorne makes her presence known by gaining access to the exclusive social circle of business mogul Conrad Grayson and his socialite wife Victoria.
  • 2. Trust 41 mins
    Emily juggles forming an alliance with family friend Nolan Ross and going on her first date with Conrad's son Daniel as she targets the man who was once her father's trusted friend.
  • 3. Betrayal 41 mins
    Emily's blossoming relationships with both Daniel and Jack threatens to jeopardize her plan to take down the federal prosecutor who convicted her father; Victoria's suspicions about Emily increase as she uncovers a connection to Conrad's mistress Lydia.
  • 4. Duplicity 41 mins
    Emily trains her sights on taking down the psychiatrist responsible for institutionalizing her as a child; Victoria notices that her daughter Charlotte is becoming attracted to Jack's younger brother Declan.
  • 5. Guilt 41 mins
    When Lydia returns to the Hamptons with a vendetta against both Emily and Victoria, Conrad discovers that she plans to reveal her involvement in the David Clarke conspiracy.
  • 6. Intrigue 40 mins
    With Lydia in a comatose state and preparations for Victoria's annual Fourth of July gala underway, Emily plans to break the bond of trust between Conrad and Frank with the incriminating video of Frank pushing Lydia off her apartment balcony.
  • 7. Charade 41 mins
    Conrad and Victoria's plans to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a simple family dinner are ruined when a high-profile newspaper article spotlights Emily's relationship with Daniel, which leads to several unwanted guests attending dinner.
  • 8. Treachery 41 mins
    Emily's master plan begins to unravel when the real Emily Thorne arrives in the Hamptons - after killing Frank - and seduces Jack, making the young woman an unwanted pawn in the game.
  • 9. Suspicion 41 mins
    After learning 'Amanda' has turned against her, a desperate Emily turns to her mentor Satoshi Takeda for advice. Victoria's worst nightmare comes true when she finds herself alone in her life. Charlotte continues her secret romance with Declan,
  • 10. Loyalty 41 mins
    Emily discovers Nolan's sexual liaisons with Tyler and plans to use this to her advantage, although she continues to question Nolan's loyalty. Jack's romance with 'Amanda' continues to blossom as word of her presence spreads throughout the Hamptons.
  • 11. Duress 41 mins
    Emily plans to eliminate Tyler to prevent him from interfering with her master plan, Charlotte becomes a pawn in her parents' bitter divorce proceedings, and Conrad continues to be blackmailed by Tyler.
  • 12. Infamy 41 mins
    Emily sets her sights on a new target when best-selling author Mason Treadwell, a news reporter who became famous after writing a tell-all that condemned David Clarke, returns to the Hamptons.
  • 13. Commitment 41 mins
    Daniel plans on proposing to Emily to gain access to his trust fund, a devastated Charlotte is forced to move back home with her mother, Jack's life is put in jeopardy when someone close betrays him.
  • 14. Perception 41 mins
    As Emily and Daniel prepare for their upcoming engagement party, Jack becomes even more concerned about where 'Amanda' has gone.
  • 15. Chaos 41 mins
    Back to where the pilot began, it is Labor Day weekend in the Hamptons and the Graysons are eager to celebrate Daniel's engagement to Emily at the "Fire and Ice Ball".
  • 16. Scandal 40 mins
    The Hamptons Police Department investigate the murder of Tyler Barrol and suspect Daniel is the killer, Declan suspects Jack was the hooded figure on the beach,
  • 17. Doubt 41 mins
    As Daniel stands trial for Tyler's murder, Victoria's surprise reunion with her ex-lover Dominik Wright poses a threat to her family's struggles, and Jack's desperate search for Amanda is put on hold when he is named a prime suspect in the murder investig
  • 18. Justice 41 mins
    As the Graysons become embroiled in an insidious cover-up, Emily discovers that her father's death was intentional, and Declan's relationship with a self-destructive Charlotte deteriorates when he testifies in court as the prosecution's final witness.
  • 19. Absolution 41 mins
    Because Emily framed Lee Moran for the murder of Tyler Barrol, Daniel is released from Rikers Island. Victoria gives the SEC confidential information that leads to an investigation on Grayson Global.
  • 20. Legacy 41 mins
    In 2002, a reckless Emily is still Amanda Clarke and begins putting together the information suggesting that her father was framed by the Graysons.
  • 21. Grief 41 mins
    Emily steps up the hunt to find information and search for the white-haired man who killed her father in prison. Daniel and Emily have an argument during their wedding planning with Ashley.
  • 22. Reckoning 41 mins
    Emily moves forward with the final phases of her master plan for revenge against the Graysons as their empire is slowly self-destructing.
Mature themes, violence and drug use


Running Time

900mins (~40min/episode)

Member Reviews

  • This is a daytime soap masquerading as serious television.

  • most tragic piece of trash ever seen… and Philip Noyce sometimes directs…….whats up Phil ….need the money mate? no stars!!! but i had to give it one to go through...

  • I love this series!

  • Excellent

  • hmmm, saw parts of it on TV decided to watch it on DVD.... Love it.. cant wait until the next DVD Amanda/Emily seeks revenge on those that have hurt her - and her father - in the past..... Without them knowing who is behind it..... more twists and turns then a Alpine road . . . .

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