Vertical Limit (2000)

Vertical Limit
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Adult themes, Low level violence, Low level coarse language

Director: Martin Campbell
Actors: Bill Paxton, Scott Glenn, Chris O'Donnell, Robin Tunney, Temuera Morrison, Izabella Scorupco

When a vicious avalanche traps his sister atop K2, the world's second highest mountain, retired climber Peter Garrett must race the clock and battle the elements to save her. Martin Campbell, director of GOLDENEYE and THE MASK OF ZORRO delivers high-voltage action and adrenalin-charged suspense in this awesome action blockbuster starring CHRIS O'DONNELL (from BATMAN FOREVER), BILL PAXTON (from TWISTER), Robin Tunney (from END OF DAYS) and Scott Glenn (from BACKDRAFT).

Status: Normal
Run time: 120mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Audio Formats: English Audio Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0 surround-encoded English Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: English, English for the Hearing Impaired

Member Reviews (11)

Nigel W
Mountain climbing expedition turns into rescue mission after ambitious capitalist ignores warnings. Boys own adventure stuff with enough mishaps and cliff hangers to fill five movies. Enjoy it for what it is. 3.5 stars
Posted Sunday, 30 January 2011 See my other reviews
Jamie S.
Fake snow, airbrushed actors, man-made cliffs- is the movie meant to be tongue-in-cheek? The acting is scripted and production-line. Implausible scenarios and a predictable storyline. Made to appeal to the lowest common denominator, this movie is a waste of time and money. Plastic schmaltz.
Posted Sunday, 7 February 2010 See my other reviews
Marcus R.
Mildly entertaining movie which is only watchable because of (now-outdated) special effects (which are not in the same league as Cliffhanger). The plot is too far-fetched and predictable. The so-called hero of the movie ends up killing 4 people to save his sister. However, if you are desperate for entertainment which doesn't require much brain-power this movie will suffice.
Posted Monday, 21 January 2008 See my other reviews
Bev K.
Excellent movie. At times on edge of your seat. Definitely recommend.
Posted Saturday, 19 January 2008 See my other reviews
Margo H.
Fabulous movie. Full of tension, thrills and spiills. A great viewing experience.
Posted Wednesday, 11 July 2007 See my other reviews
Dale S.
Posted Wednesday, 14 March 2007 See my other reviews
Paul G.
Great cast in this thriller/action movie. Watch this if you liked movies like Cliffhanger.
Posted Friday, 21 April 2006 See my other reviews
Shane Manuell
Posted Thursday, 2 December 2004 See my other reviews
Posted Monday, 20 September 2004 See my other reviews
Andrew Lazootin
Posted Monday, 23 August 2004 See my other reviews
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