Run Bitch Run! (2009)

Run Bitch Run!
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High impact sexual violence and violence

Director: Joseph Guzman
Actors: Ivet Corvea, Cheryl Lyone, John C. Crow, Richard Wes Howren, Peter Tahoe, Daeg Faerch

Things go horribly wrong when Catherine and Rebecca, two Catholic School girls, knock on the wrong door while selling religious paraphernalia.

Status: QuickPick
Run time: 90mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Member Reviews (3)

For a rape revenge film there is not quite enough of either. I would have enjoyed it more if it was more like the movie I was rewriting in my mind.
Posted Saturday, 27 April 2013 See my other reviews
I really enjoyed this. Its a cross between Last house on the left and Ms .45 about 2 cathlic girls who vist the wrong house at the wrong time. The acting is a mixed bag and the film is bascially half porn but when the horror elements come into plays its quite decent and plenty of violence with some nasty sexual violence including a scene that makes The Human centipede 2 climax look tame in comparasion. A pity a dumb ending spoils it but def worth seeing for grindhouse and underground movie fans.
Posted Monday, 23 April 2012 See my other reviews
I'm normally a fan of trashy grind house slasher films, but this one is just not worth watching. Weak plot, terrible acting, and far too many pointless scenes make this 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
Posted Thursday, 5 April 2012 See my other reviews