The Rifleman-Volume 8 (1958)

The Rifleman-Volume 8
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Actors: Dabbs Greer, Edgar Buchanan, John Anderson, Paul Fix, Chuck Connors, Rhys Williams, Hope Summers, Joan Taylor, Joe Higgins, Peter Whitney, Johnny Crawford, John Milford, Bill Quinn, Harlan Warde, Chris Alcaide, Patricia Blair, John Harmon, Ralph Moody

Grab your boots and saddle and get ready to ride. Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors) is a widower who guides his son Mark (Johnny Crawford) through the hardships of maintaining a ranch in New Mexico in the late 1880's. Lucas demonstrates courage and justice in every episode.

Guest stars like Dennis Hopper, Michael Landon and Leif Erickson make this series a classic. The Rifleman ranked as the #1 half hour program during its time slot on ABC for the duration of its run from 1958-1963.

Includes episodes 29-32 plus a special bonus episode.

The Schoolmaster:
Mark and a schoolmate play hooky, but their holiday turns into a nightmare when they become trapped in an old mine tunnel.

Three-Legged Terror:
A teenager ransacks the schoolhouse and then shows up drunk, waving a gun in the North Fork saloon.

The Wyoming Story Parts 1 & 2:

Lucas agrees to take a job as an undercover Federal Agent. During a mission in Wyoming to investigate reports that government arms are being sold to renegade Indians, an old town drunk accidentally uncovers Lucas' real identity.

Bonus Episode:
The Young Englishman:
Lucas finds himself in the middle of a vicious gun battle when some of his cattle turn up at a nearby ranch owned by a young nobleman.

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