Once Were Warriors (1994)

Once Were Warriors
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Moderate violence, Coarse language, Adult themes

Director: Lee Tamahori
Actors: Temuera Morrison, Rena Owen, Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell

Based on Alan Duff's controversial best-seller, ONCE WERE WARRIORS is an intense powerhouse film that will leave you stunned by its uncompromising insight into the strength of one woman who has to save her children from the man she loves. Eighteen years after Jake (Temuera Morrison) and Beth (Rena Owen) married, it's easy to see why she found him so irresistible. Jake is muscular and handsome. He exudes an explosive sexual energy. Even now, after five children, he can still arouse her with one look. But Jake too often proves his masculinity with his fists. He regularly explodes into violence that threatens to destroy Beth and their family - till its almost too late.

Status: QuickPick
Run time: 102mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1 Letterbox
Audio Formats: English Audio Commentary Dolby Digital 1.0 English Dolby Digital 2.0 English Dolby Digital 5.1

Member Reviews (16)

I did not watch very much of this film so it is probably unfair to review but had to abandon because of the violence. I got the gist of the story and found it too confronting.
Posted Sunday, 22 June 2014 See my other reviews
This was a vety confronting movie about domestic violoence which can happen in all walks of life. I was drqwn into all the family members that were dealing wih the conflict.Even though the story was depressing I was encouraged by the hopeful end when the woman had the courage to leave her husband, The acting was brillaiant by all cast members.This was not a movie I would have chosen but was one my daughter had to watch for Film Stuidies at university
Posted Saturday, 26 October 2013 See my other reviews
Extremely violent and depressing depiction of Maori life. Maybe reality but harrowing to watch.
Posted Wednesday, 16 January 2013 See my other reviews
is there another movie to this one?
Posted Friday, 30 December 2011 See my other reviews
this was chosen by my 17yr old son.. he had seen it b4 but was younger.. he really loves it.. not 1 that i enjoyed as i dont like seeing guys hitting women etc..
Posted Thursday, 21 January 2010 See my other reviews
Ben W.
great movie for adults. one off my fave.
Posted Thursday, 26 November 2009 See my other reviews
One of the most confronting films that I have watched. I thought the story, the casting, and the hopeful ending were all brilliant.
Posted Thursday, 17 September 2009 See my other reviews
Edward M.
Absolutely stunning movie from New Zealand. Rather violent
Posted Tuesday, 5 May 2009 See my other reviews
Had seen it before many years ago but the teenage girl of the house hadn't and was equally affected by its power, violence and, ulitmately, courage. Morrison is incredibly scary as Jake, but still manages to get you with the underlying charm that captured Beth for so long. A must see.
Posted Monday, 23 February 2009 See my other reviews
Edward M.
Absolutely stunning but very violent movie about natives of New Zealand living in today's Aukland. Riveting performances from Rena Owen
Posted Monday, 10 November 2008 See my other reviews
Sharon C.
Brilliant but very disturbing movie. It is a must watch
Posted Wednesday, 22 October 2008 See my other reviews
Alistair C.
Gutsy movie and great acting. Maybe a bit overdone but the humanity and the reality shine through. Should be in every high school curriculum.
Posted Monday, 28 July 2008 See my other reviews
Sandy H.
Powerful movie. A must see.
Posted Sunday, 8 June 2008 See my other reviews
Sandra L.
good history movie
Posted Friday, 29 February 2008 See my other reviews
Danielle M.
awesome movie absolutely awesome! Ya gotta see this.
Posted Tuesday, 12 February 2008 See my other reviews
Troy M.
Great movie. A real eye opener.
Posted Tuesday, 18 July 2006 See my other reviews
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