Marvel Knights - Iron Man - Extremis (2010)

Marvel Knights - Iron Man - Extremis
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Strong animated violence and themes


Marvel Knights Animation remains true to the heritage of panel-by-panel graphic storytelling, boasting groundbreaking graphics, sensational soundscapes and of course, the explosiveness of the Mighty Marvel Universe. Adapting the critically acclaimed storyline by superstars Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, IRON MAN: EXTREMIS redefines the Armoured Avenger’s world for the 21st century! Now Tony Stark faces his greatest threat ever – a terrorist transformed into an unstoppable force by a powerful bioengineered Extremis serum! As a landscape of terrifying new technologies loom over the globe and threaten mankind, Tony Stark will be tested as both an every day citizen and a Super Hero. He must balance using technology to improving mankind with preventing the spread of the Extremis dose by terrorists.

Status: LongWait
Run time: 75mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Member Reviews (2)

tom smith
not very animated, some motion comic type thing not very fun to watch
Posted Tuesday, 13 September 2011 See my other reviews
I enjoyed this Marvel Knights addition very much, one of the best ones. The story was good, graphics were really good as well and it wasn't really like the recent movies as well which is good, so it is actually alot like the real comics.
Posted Wednesday, 16 March 2011 See my other reviews