Little Ashes (2009)

Little Ashes
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Strong sex scene

Director: Paul Morrison
Actors: Javier Beltran, Robert Pattinson, Matthew Mcnulty

Robert Pattinson, the young British star of Twilight, takes on the challenging role of playing eccentric artist, Salvador Dali. The film focuses on Madrid in the jazz era of 1922 when the young artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, with playwright Federico Garcia Lorca (Javier Beltran) and renowned filmmaker Luis Bunuel (Matthew McNulty). Salvador Dali arrives at the university as an 18 year old determined to become a great artist. His bizarre blend of shyness and rampant exhibitionism attracts the attention of Lorca and Bunuel, two of the university's social elite. Salvador is absorbed into their youthfully decadent group and for a time Salvador, Luis and Federico become a formidable trio, the most ultra-modern group in Madrid. This is a beautifully shot film about friendship, integrity and love set in the beautiful coastal resort of Cadaques. It is a more than a meeting of minds; it is a fusion of souls.

Status: QuickPick
Run time: 107mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Formats: English Dolby Digital 5.1

Member Reviews (10)

Not a bad film when you get into it.
Posted Monday, 23 December 2013 See my other reviews
‘Little Ashes’ is a fascinating and compelling film. It is well directed and beautifully acted; it is worth watching just for Javier Bel’tran’s performance. Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali isn’t as convincing especially in the latter scenes when portraying Dali’s bizarreness but he succeeds as the younger Dali. It is Bel’tran who steals the film though as the intelligent, vulnerable and sensitive Federico Garcia Lorca.
Posted Monday, 17 December 2012 See my other reviews
Phil Lesbirel
One of the best acted and directed gay films I have seen for a long time. It was a believable story, and although you hate the young star at the begining, by the end of the film you are cheering for him to really find himself and live a new life as a gay man with Olivier.
Posted Thursday, 21 June 2012 See my other reviews
Rich filming... acting was not convincing & too contrived... pity
Posted Sunday, 11 December 2011 See my other reviews
Nigel W
The unrequited love affair of a poet for an eccentric artist. Somewhat plodding depiction of the early life of Dali, Lorca and Bunuel. Dali is depicted as a complete weirdo and Bunuel's character isn't particularly well drawn. The Lorca character is more interesting and the actor looks a dead ringer for him. 2.5 stars
Posted Friday, 21 October 2011 See my other reviews
Interesting if you stick with it.
Posted Friday, 14 October 2011 See my other reviews
Neil P
Very interesting story about the life of Dali, but such an annoyingly film to watch - very Dendy... I almost turned it off three times, but some parts were beautifully shot. Next time I'll just google Dali's life history.
Posted Friday, 4 February 2011 See my other reviews
Anita L.
Very arty and indie. I can see that Robert wants different roles to Twilight, but if it wasn't for him in this movie, I would not have even bothered. Even with him in this movie, I desperately wanted to turn it off after 5 minutes. I just think the acting is poor - a B or even C grade arty indie movie. Because this had been in my queue for such a long time, I ended up watching a copy elsewhere and had forgotten that this movie was about Dali. Last year, I saw the Dali exhibition in Melbourne - this was much better than this movie and I'm not fan of art. Definitely a "Dendy" movie, not mainstream.
Posted Tuesday, 10 August 2010 See my other reviews
Very interesting movie - I was very impressed with Robert Pattinson. Dali was a bizarre character and he played it very well. Fascinating look at the strange combination of fasscism and freedom of expressionthat was evident in Spain at the time. If you are a fan of Dali or interested in the history of Spain at that time definitely recommended.
Posted Tuesday, 8 June 2010 See my other reviews
Very arty fart,more fart than arty!
Posted Monday, 17 May 2010 See my other reviews
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