Jessica Simpson - Dream Chaser (2001)

Jessica Simpson - Dream Chaser
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Director: Jennifer Lebeau
Actor: Jessica Simpson

For fans of superstar Jessica Simpson, Dream Chaser is a dream come true. Here's your chance to meet the "Irresistible" young artist behind the hits and discover the real Jessica. Part documentary, part music video and all Jessica Simpson, Dream Chaser combines exclusive and revealing interview footage with behind-the-scenes of her electrifying videos and brings you on-stage on her first tour, the "Dream Chaser" tour, and much more. From rare footage of her very first auditions through her sizzling performance on MTV's "Spring Break," Dream Chaser tracks Jessica Simpson's career from her humble gospel beginnings to the pinnacle of contemporary music and beyond.

Dream Chaser is a backstage pass to Jessica's world, showing both the hard work and magic that's gone into her spectacular rise to the top of the charts. You'll get the director's chair-view of the making of her videos "I Wanna Love You Forever", "I Think I'm In Love With You", "Irresistible", and "A Little Bit" and thrill to her soulful duet with 98?s Nick Lachay (on "Where You Are"). Following Jessica's evolution as an artist, Dream Chaser features exclusive footage of Jermaine Dupri and Lil Bow Wow with Jessica as they create the futuristic So So Def Remix of "Irresistible".

The DVD edition of Dream Chaser features interactive menus, instant chapter access to songs, and both a biography and discography of Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson has followed her dreams as an artist and, as you travel with her on Dream Chaser, you'll discover that dreams indeed can come true.
Track Listing: 1. Program Start; 2. Once Upon A Time There Was A Dream; 3. "I Wanna Love You Forever"; 4. Finding The Deal; 5. The Making of Sweet Kisses; 6. "Where You Are"; 7. The First Tour; 8. "I Think I'm In Love With You"; 9. The Dream Is Coming True; 10. Irresistible: The Next Level; 11. The Making of "Irresistible"; 12. "Irresistible" Music Video; 13. The Making of Video "A Little Bit"; 14. "A Little Bit" Music Video; 15. "There You Were", Duet with Marc ..; 16. Dance! Dance! Dance!; 17. The Dream Chaser Tour; 18. "Irresistible" MTV Spring Break; 19. Me & My Fans; 20. "Irresistible" (So So Def Remix) ; 21. The Dreams Ahead; 22. Credits

Status: Normal
Run time: 58mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

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