Helen of Troy (2003)

Helen of Troy
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Medium level violence, Adult themes

Actors: Rufus Sewell, Sienna Guillory

"The face that launched a thousand ships" was the centerpiece of this two-part TV miniseries, which invoked affectionate memories of the overblown Cecil B. DeMille epics of years gone by. Set in the 13th century B.C., the series starred Sienna Guillory as Helen, the Olympian-born, dazzlingly beautiful trophy wife of Sparta's King Menelaus (James Callis). Unhappy in her "marriage of state," Helen yearned for the companionship of the gorgeous young man whom she had seen only in a vision: Paris (Matthew Marsden), the Prince of Troy. As luck would have it, Paris managed to "abduct" Helen and spirit her off to his homeland, where she was welcomed by his father, King Priam (John Rhys-Davies), despite the portents of doom from Paris' foresighted sister, Cassandra (Emilia Fox). Meanwhile back in Sparta, King Menelaus, his honor besmirched, declared war on Troy, thus beginning a ten-year conflict that would culminate disastrously in the incident of the Trojan horse. All of which greatly pleased Menelaus' covetous brother, Agamemnon (Rufus Sewell), who cannily exploited the war in order to emerge as King of the Aegean. Far more elaborate than any of the previous cinematic treatments of the Helen legend, this one was also a bit more sensational, with a number of gratuitous but enjoyable nude scenes. Filmed on location in Malta and Greece, Helen of Troy was seen over the USA cable network on April 20 and 21, 2003. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Status: QuickPick
Run time: 240mins
Origin: GREECE
Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1 16:9 Enhanced
Audio Formats:
Subtitles: Czech, Dutch, English for the Hearing Impaired, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish

Member Reviews (33)

not a bad watch
Posted Saturday, 29 May 2010 See my other reviews
Alex H.
A spectacular show with plenty of heroism and good acting.
Posted Wednesday, 20 August 2008 See my other reviews
Anthony S.
for a different point of view from troy it is excellent but a must see
Posted Friday, 25 January 2008 See my other reviews
Richard R.
Posted Monday, 17 September 2007 See my other reviews
Linda M.
extremely long video, but worth it especially if you like history epics, bit of romance, lots of blood and goore. suits the women and the blood hungry blokes.
Posted Monday, 4 June 2007 See my other reviews
Nic P.
Posted Tuesday, 3 April 2007 See my other reviews
Troy C.
Like the blockbuster 'Troy' starring Brad Pitt it's not. I ended up turning it off I was so bored.
Posted Tuesday, 20 March 2007 See my other reviews
Nicole F.
thoroughly enjoyed this movie drags you straight into the story
Posted Thursday, 18 January 2007 See my other reviews
Kerry L.
Thoroughly enjoyed both the action and the romance of the movie. Not just a "chick flick".
Posted Wednesday, 17 January 2007 See my other reviews
Sharon M.
Really rivetting movie. Was worried when I saw how long it was but, once I started watching it I couldn't stop!!
Posted Wednesday, 6 December 2006 See my other reviews
Dale S.
Posted Wednesday, 29 November 2006 See my other reviews
Ralph K.
Dialogue was a bit lacking considering some of the cast were not nobodys...action sequences short and empty...was always waiting for more to happen but it never came...sorry...thumbs down on this one...recomend seeing Troy starring Brad Pitt and Eric Banna
Posted Monday, 27 November 2006 See my other reviews
Stuart E.
Posted Wednesday, 6 September 2006 See my other reviews
Michelle B.
I was really looking forward to this, but although I tried watching this several times I found it really hard to hold my interest and I must admit I fell asleep more than I just turned it off. I wouldn't bother, but I guess someone might like it?
Posted Wednesday, 26 July 2006 See my other reviews
William D.
I liked the story.
Posted Thursday, 18 May 2006 See my other reviews
Paul A.
I feel that this movie was better than Troy.
Posted Wednesday, 8 March 2006 See my other reviews
Wendy L.
why bother, been done before years earlier and much better, far too much talking
Posted Thursday, 17 November 2005 See my other reviews
Wayne A.
a very differant version of what helen of troy is all about about, but quite enjoyable never the less
Posted Monday, 17 October 2005 See my other reviews
Kim Hatton
Posted Tuesday, 28 June 2005 See my other reviews
Sharna Stone
I was confused and thought that this was the blockbuster "Troy" starring Brad Pitt. However, upon discovering it wasn't I watched it anyway. I really enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed the interpretation of the story, the costumes and the cast.
Posted Tuesday, 19 April 2005 See my other reviews
John Dimitriou
Posted Thursday, 3 February 2005 See my other reviews
Posted Thursday, 30 December 2004 See my other reviews
Mark Bradford
Good in that it is nice to see another version of this amazing story and to see it from Helen's eyes and not Achillies and Hector's - anyway - I would say 2.5
Posted Monday, 27 December 2004 See my other reviews
Dell Francis
Posted Monday, 20 December 2004 See my other reviews
Alejandro Ronidel
Posted Friday, 12 November 2004 See my other reviews
This is the classic Illiad story told from the viewpoint of Paris and Helen. Lots of wonderful Aegean scenery (a big screen helps here), and lots of blood and guts fighting (as you might expect).
Posted Tuesday, 9 November 2004 See my other reviews
This movie raises a lot of questions, such as was Helen's first boyfriend an Irishman? Seriously, I only watched an hour of this absolute rubbish. It was badly directed and badly acted. The mixture of accents didn't help.
Posted Tuesday, 2 November 2004 See my other reviews
Jennifer Gibson
Posted Sunday, 3 October 2004 See my other reviews
Jennifer Gibson
Posted Tuesday, 28 September 2004 See my other reviews
I loved this version of the movie, - it comes reasonbly close to what really happened in the Illiad, and being a true Greek Mythology Fan and Buff found where they had made the changes, and far enjoyed this version to that of the newer Hollywood version which I found offending to the real legend Of Troy and the Illiad - The movie was a little long and drawn out, but they did go into a lot more detail as to why Helen Left her Husband so they by making a long and drawn out film are trying to make it easier to understand for those who are not so familar with the Story of Troy & what happened in the illiad without going head first into the Trojan War & battle and end and really leaving viewers with a forgettable experience - I throughly enjoyed this movie bar the alterations or interpretations but would reccommend it to anyone who like a bit of fantasy etc
Posted Wednesday, 18 August 2004 See my other reviews
Felicity Mason
Posted Tuesday, 27 July 2004 See my other reviews
Nathan Butcher
Great storyline, effects were a little fake looking, great acting, worth a look.
Posted Monday, 26 July 2004 See my other reviews
Gregory Campbell
Posted Sunday, 6 June 2004 See my other reviews
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