Clarkson, Kelly-Behind Hazel Eyes (2005)

Clarkson, Kelly-Behind Hazel Eyes
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Actor: Kelly Clarkson

The story of the first "American Idol" has been well documented but in this unique Hi Definition DVD with never-before-seen footage, Kelly reveals the girl behind the image. Through a series of frank and candid interviews, from the private closed set of a music video to the red carpet of a movie premiere, Kelly gives exclusive access to all areas of her professional life.

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Run time: 60mins
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Member Reviews (5)

Lucy C.
If you are a Kelly fan you will enjoy this. Kelly seems like a down to earth person and makes for an interesting subject.
Posted Friday, 2 July 2010 See my other reviews
Pevise L.
Posted Friday, 7 March 2008 See my other reviews
Jeff B.
This documentry is more aimed at the "die-hard" Clarkson fans. It is full of useless information that most people aren't really interested in unless they live and breathe Kelly Clarkeson. Some stuff about being in the studio is interesting, and I was impressed that Clarkeson actually contributes to song writing as opposed to countless other pop stars who are mere puppets/props to the real talent. All in all, this dvd will be of interest to the Clarkeson fans I guess, but everyone else, don't bother.
Posted Monday, 14 August 2006 See my other reviews
Jay G.
this was a doco of her real life there was nothing from idol no music videos just kelly talking for an hour
Posted Sunday, 26 February 2006 See my other reviews
Maria V.
I was expecting something different such as video clips but it was just a simple documentary about her which someone will enjoy anyways
Posted Monday, 9 January 2006 See my other reviews
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