August Rush (2007)

August Rush
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Mild themes and infrequent violence

Director: Kirsten Sheridan
Actors: Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Robin Williams, Terrence Howard

On a moonlit rooftop above New York City, Lyla Novacek (Keri Russell), a sheltered young cello player, and Louis Connelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a charismatic Irish singer-songwriter, are drawn together through a love of music, and instantly fall in love. Unfortunate circumstances leave their child to be orphaned. Drawn to New York twelve years later in search of his parents, August Rush (Freddie Highmore), a young orphan and musical prodigy, is taken under the wing of an eccentric street musician known only as the Wizard (Robin Williams) Steadfast in the belief that his mother and father are alive, August embraces his incredible talent, calling out to his parents through every note he plays.

Status: Normal
Run time: 102mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Formats: English Dolby Digital 5.1

Member Reviews (53)

loved it
Posted Saturday, 27 September 2014 See my other reviews
I loved this film. There was so much that I liked, if I named everything I would spoil the movie for you all. It's a great story of a little boy looking for his parents, following his love of music and discovering his hidden talent. The story makes you think, not only about the choices that both of the parents made but also what essentially affected Evan (August).
Posted Tuesday, 2 September 2014 See my other reviews
This was a mixed bag for me. There were parts I really liked and others spoilt by the usual hollywood formula of over exaggeration and cliched scenes- like running through lines of waiting traffic to get to an urgent meeting (there were at least two of these). It had touches of Oliver Twist in it with Robyn Williams in the Fagan like role. Freddie Highmore was perfect for the role of Adam and Keri Russel did well in her part but Jonathan Rhys Meyers for me was just another hollywood cutout male actor (ho-hum) I thought the last quarter of the film could have been much better written in terms of script. If you have a quiet Saturday night it is worth watching
Posted Sunday, 1 June 2014 See my other reviews
The Gus
This is one of three movies that I crave. I need to see it at least twice a year. Heartfelt; poignant; music; love; loss; found .... sigh
Posted Monday, 24 February 2014 See my other reviews
A great movie that helps you actually feel and think, not just another leave your brain and heart at the door and go on ride.
Posted Friday, 11 October 2013 See my other reviews
A beautiful and uplifting movie. Unrealistic ending but this doesn't take away from the charm of it. This movie will leave you feeling very good!
Posted Tuesday, 4 June 2013 See my other reviews
Really loved this movie.
Posted Wednesday, 29 May 2013 See my other reviews
Not for me. Schmaltzy in that way that only America seems able to do. A fairytale for adolescents
Posted Friday, 15 February 2013 See my other reviews
‘August Rush’ is a romantic fantasy that is saved by very committed performances, tight script and sound directing. The script works, in the main, and provides a scenario that appeals to the romantic in us all, well, hopefully. If you are looking for true life, this movie is not for you. If you don’t mind sentimentality, delivered up in spades, then you will enjoy it. Kirsten Sheridan (Director) wrings out all the emotion inherent in the script while keeping the performers from self-pity and indulgence. The standout performance is from Freddie Highmore and he is well supported by a strong cast, especially Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and a Fagin-like performance from Robin Williams.
Posted Tuesday, 5 February 2013 See my other reviews
Relevant issues of child-potential and child-abuse themes brought out by a sensitive young actor and Robin Williams. I appreciated and can identify with the way musicians constantly hear the melodies, harmonies, dischords and rhythms of sounds all around us.
Posted Saturday, 26 January 2013 See my other reviews
What a lovely movie. Doubted it at the start, but glad I stuck with it. Acting is fab. Meyers is the reason I borrowed this one and I wasn't disappointed. Definitely one to watch.....
Posted Saturday, 8 September 2012 See my other reviews
paul o
Posted Sunday, 12 August 2012 See my other reviews
Liz x
Have seen it before and it was even better the second time around. Recommend to anyone who loves an easy and uncomplicated movie with great music.
Posted Tuesday, 26 June 2012 See my other reviews
sara klein
Enjoyed this
Posted Tuesday, 8 May 2012 See my other reviews
A very good "feel good" movie.
Posted Thursday, 26 April 2012 See my other reviews
I loved the story, actors and music.
Posted Saturday, 17 March 2012 See my other reviews
Beautiful movies, great music, loved every minute - would recommend this movie!
Posted Friday, 20 January 2012 See my other reviews
Incredible music. Great actors. very good story line, nearly a teary one Loved it
Posted Thursday, 12 January 2012 See my other reviews
nivek draw
As much as this movie leans to the fantasy side of reality, I found it a particularly enjoyable movie. Beautiful music, nice looking lead characters, well photographed, although Robin Williams was a bit scarey. For those of us who believe in spirituality and love will enjoy this movie.
Posted Monday, 5 December 2011 See my other reviews
I love this movie. I am about to watch it again before sending it back. Fantastic cast suited so well to their roles.
Posted Sunday, 20 November 2011 See my other reviews
Fabulous movie. It is a fairytale, but incredibly well made and with some great music.
Posted Sunday, 23 October 2011 See my other reviews
Susan K
Right after watching this I could have watched it again...beautiful movine, beautiful soundtrack. If I can I am going to buy it to keep.
Posted Tuesday, 30 August 2011 See my other reviews
Different to what I was expecting.
Posted Sunday, 14 August 2011 See my other reviews
What a beautiful movie loved it
Posted Saturday, 6 August 2011 See my other reviews
Enjoyed it
Posted Wednesday, 13 April 2011 See my other reviews
This is another brilliant movie and with Robin Williams in it also always a pleasant character, really another worth watching
Posted Sunday, 30 January 2011 See my other reviews
Best movie I have seen in years.
Posted Tuesday, 5 October 2010 See my other reviews
R. White
Love this movie. It was bizarre because I didn't want to watch this movie but when I got started watching it. It was different, interesting and very heart warming to watch this movie. Would RECOMMEND this movie!
Posted Sunday, 18 July 2010 See my other reviews
Christopher Jones
This is great movie. It has such an exiting and original music and storyline anyone at any age will enjoy it.
Posted Monday, 5 July 2010 See my other reviews
Hired this on the many many high recommendations. The wife & I agree what a disappointment ( nothing like the wonderful 5 star Notebook movie.) this is 1 star rating. Maybe OK for teenage girls but not us BABY BOOMERS! It was boring predictable and the ending oh so corny! There was no main or support character development, the script was shallow, Robyn William over-acted, Meyers is only a very average singer, Russell ( great in the 5 star ???The Waitress???) but did nothing in this movie. Young Highmore reasonable effort. Soundtrack was the only good thing. Even if you called it a fairytale story it was lacking in so many areas. Oldies don???t bother??????.CORNY, CORNY, CORNY.
Posted Friday, 4 June 2010 See my other reviews
Lynne H.
Get this out. I'm sure you won't regret it. The whole family loved this human interest piece. And it's not easy to interest the whole family in a movie.
Posted Wednesday, 14 April 2010 See my other reviews
What a wonderful film So good I could watch it again.
Posted Wednesday, 20 January 2010 See my other reviews
Just couldn't get into this movie, it seemed too detached from reality from the beginning. Having said this, I've heard good reviews about it so, benefit of the doubt, i might try it again sometime.
Posted Tuesday, 1 September 2009 See my other reviews
It's a bit like Christmas, it you believe in it and go with the flow it is an outstanding movie that has a emotional ending with great entertainment value. Probably one that you will recommend to others. Great sound track. If you don't enjoy music and chose to rip the story line to pieces you will completely miss the boat.
Posted Sunday, 21 June 2009 See my other reviews
Great Movie
Posted Tuesday, 16 June 2009 See my other reviews
This was one of the most beautiful movies I have seen in a long time. Very worthwhile!
Posted Wednesday, 10 June 2009 See my other reviews
A great movie and cerainly a real talent for the future. When you watch the extras and see what the Characters have to do for this movie then you only think more of it. Great stuff and even though it's a touch far fetched in the story line I guess that's Hollywood
Posted Tuesday, 19 May 2009 See my other reviews
These reviews below are unbelieveable. This movie will have you slapping your head from one plot contrivance to the next. The last scene while sentimental is not too bad but does not make up for the rest of the movie. Avoid
Posted Wednesday, 13 May 2009 See my other reviews
Craig L.
Really enjoyable movie - loved the music, a great cast and a heart warming story.
Posted Friday, 17 April 2009 See my other reviews
Jan K.
Very different (certainly with a touch of Oliver to it) and absolutely beautiful in every way. Excellent! I would have liked to see even more musical performances in it.
Posted Wednesday, 7 January 2009 See my other reviews
Isabelle T.
What a breathe of fresh air this movie was to what is on offer for families to watch. It is such a lovely story and it leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside. I won't give any of the story away as I think everyone should at least see it once.
Posted Tuesday, 9 December 2008 See my other reviews
Maria C.
A truly enjoyable family movie.
Posted Saturday, 29 November 2008 See my other reviews
Marg O.
Absolutely glorious.
Posted Saturday, 22 November 2008 See my other reviews
What a supberb family movie, one of my kids has now watched it 8 times, a terrific story of courage and determination. Wwatch this movie now.
Posted Wednesday, 5 November 2008 See my other reviews
Gj B.
What a great movie. You really need to watch, and pay attention, right from the start, but it is worth every minute. The amazing part is that young Freddie Highmore plays his own guitar segments. None of it is dubbed. Robin Williams plays an interesting role too, and good to see him away from his usual comedian type roles. All round a great movie for the entire family.
Posted Thursday, 23 October 2008 See my other reviews
Michelle G.
I loved this movie as well what a great movie, great cast everything just worked.
Posted Monday, 13 October 2008 See my other reviews
David C.
A great movie, really loved it.
Posted Tuesday, 16 September 2008 See my other reviews
Amour S.
As soon as the movie started I knew it was going to be something different, something special. All actors are perfectly cast. It is the best movie I have seen this year. Do not miss this one!
Posted Saturday, 6 September 2008 See my other reviews
Louise S.
The best movie weve seen in ages...a great story...and a great ending....well worth it...
Posted Thursday, 14 August 2008 See my other reviews
Luisa E.
This movie really gets to you. All round great movie. The cast was picked prefectly.
Posted Tuesday, 12 August 2008 See my other reviews
This is, imho, the movie "Once" wanted to be, so to all the fans of that movie you should really enjoy this one. The love story between Lyla & Louis is absorbing and heart rending and the music thoroughly intoxicating. A must see for anyone who loves music and romance.
Posted Tuesday, 5 August 2008 See my other reviews
Sandra S.
Absolutely loved this movie. A real feel good movie and as suggested by another reviewer, a definite mix of Serendipity meets Oliver. Loved it. Highly recommended.
Posted Saturday, 26 July 2008 See my other reviews
W B O.
I loved this movie - full of wonder and magic and the performances were spot on. This movie reminded me of a mix of "Serendipity" and "Oliver Twist".
Posted Friday, 27 June 2008 See my other reviews
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